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Refugio Wohnhaus Zur Brugg


Bruggerstrasse 103
5400 Baden

Are you interested in staying in the Refugio Wohnhaus Zur Brugg? Do you have questions about it? We`re happy to help – get in touch with us.

Key facts

  • 10 furnished rooms with private shower/bathroom/sink
  • Internet (WLAN)/TV and telephone connection in all rooms
  • common kitchen with locking refrigerator and cupboard units
  • washing machines/dryers/ironing area
  • attic entrance
  • available only to women
  • rooms cost between CHF 750.– and CHF 950.– per month, incl. bedding, utilities and cleaning services of common rooms, WLAN


Our guests are:

  • young women completing training and studies
  • interns from all over the world
  • working women
  • women in transitory situations



Impressions of the Wohnhaus Brugg